Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Go-To Grown-Up Gifts Under $50

Brainstorming that perfect gift for an adult friend, family member or coworker can be a big challenge. While children are thrilled with toys and games, adults already have clear-cut preferences and knowing their tastes can be difficult. Plus, since most adults have access to their own disposable income, they're likely to have already purchased the things they want. However, these are a few go-to gifts that would be appreciated by anyone.
The Gift of Wellness
Busy adults often neglect their own physical needs. Running a household, raising children or working long hours can take a toll on a person's body and psyche, and they are often the last to take some time out for themselves. Therefore, a gift certificate for a massage can help refresh and rejuvenate a busy adult. Depending on the individual's needs, different types of massage therapy can produce different results. For the active athlete, a sports massage can ease pain or tightness in particular areas that can lead to improved sports performance. For a person with a hectic home life, a light to medium pressure Swedish massage can soothe frazzled nerves. A prenatal massage is a thoughtful gift for a baby shower as it can reduce stress and physical tension that comes with pregnancy.
Gift Certificates: Always in Style
Gift certificates are a great way to encourage new experiences. Give a gift certificate to a new or exotic restaurant or an upscale eatery. Or give the gift of dinner and a movie. Most movie theaters offer gift cards in different denominations and they can be used not just for tickets but for the full cinema experience including popcorn, soda and candy. Or, for the homebody or home theater lover, consider an iTunes gift certificate so the recipient can check out a new album or download a favorite movie.
The Gift of Green: Money
If in doubt, no one can argue with cold, hard cash. Gifting money ensures that the recipient can do whatever they want with it, whether it be buying something special or adding that cash to savings for a bigger-ticket item. However, just because the gift is cash, the presentation can still be creative. Tie small bills to a tree branch and give a money tree. Or for the recipient who enjoys a good practical joke, wrap up a box of rolled pennies from the bank or disguise a $50 bill by gift wrapping it in a giant box.
Fine Tastes: Alcohol or Cigars
Most adults would love to try an exotic wine or fine cigar. Look for unique or special packaging, or if in doubt, simply buy the highest quality.
Donations: The Gift that Keeps Giving
Adults who are already able to buy themselves whatever they want understand the good feeling that comes with helping others. Research a charity that relates to the recipient's lifestyle and give a donation in their name. Print out information from the charity's website and enclose it with a thoughtful card so the recipient can see exactly which cause is being helped.