Friday, June 29, 2012

The Ultimate Compact Holiday Wardrobe

In an age of having to pay excruciating amounts of money for even a kilogram of excess luggage, the knowledge of how to pack the right clothing has become an art. Many claim to have the "best tip" but there's no one list which you can turn to for reference. This guide aims to pool together all these tips to help you pack the ultimate holiday wardrobe without having to worry about your suitcase weighing too much.
The Luggage
Funnily enough, where many people go wrong when packing is in their choice of bag or suitcase. Many weigh a lot due to their heavy frames and excessive buckles.
A lighter piece of luggage is well worth the investment if it means you can squeeze in another pair of shoes or trousers. Look for suitcases with lighter aluminium frames, and bags made out of light synthetics.
General Rules
There are some rules that apply to all holiday clothing. First of all, you shouldn't have to iron any items you bring along so fabric is important. Make sure it doesn't crease easily when packed. Second of all, you should be able to wash your clothes so bring along a small sachet of mini travel bottle of washing powder.
It's vital not to pack too many things, so a great idea is to prepare a list with outfits you'll wear every day, taking into consideration what you're likely to be doing every day.
As a general rule, avoid packing heavy trousers like jeans. If you can get away with bringing light chinos, or substituting trousers for skirts and leggings, you'll be able to fit in a few more outfits.
Stretchy jersey skirts are a versatile holiday garment. They can so easily be dressed up or down just by changing your top. Their stretchiness also means they are comfortable to be worn on longer walks and while out sightseeing.
Leggings or tights are so compact and easy to slip on under your skirt if it gets chilly.
When it comes to tops, the key principle is layering. Choose pieces that are easy to pile on or peel off as and when the weather changes. Build your way up from strapless camisoles to simple cotton T-shirts to long sleeved jerseys. For warmth, bring along a few womens cardigans in block colours that you can match with any outfit. Cardis are casual yet smart enough to be worn to restaurants or evening events like concerts and plays.
Do try your best not to pack more than two pairs of shoes. If you must, throw in a pair of flip flops as the third.
A good, sturdy pair of trainers should see you through the day and all the sightseeing it entails. Wear these while travelling as they're heavier than sandals, which should be the other pair. Sandals are versatile, and can be worn in the evening when going out for meals and the like.

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