Monday, April 2, 2012

BlueAir Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

BlueAir is a Swedish company with its United States headquarters in Chicago. They distribute high-end air filtration systems. BlueAir air purifiers are extremely efficient at removing particles from the air. They have a 99.97% efficiency down to 0.1 microns which is better than the HEPA standard. Many BlueAir systems are reinforced with Electrostatic precipitators and ionization for more particle removal. These systems range in MSRP value from $359.95 to $899.95.
The cost of these air filter systems ranges between 55 cents and $1.46 per square foot of air cleaned per year. They cost between $2339.85 and $3831.15 to operate over a 10 year period of time. They cover between 175 and 698 square feet. These systems are designed for the singular purpose of dramatically reducing particle pollution in the air. However, they do offer some extra add-on filters for dealing with smoke odors and gases. These filters will add extra operating costs to the purifiers if used.
BlueAir is known for quality, offering a difficult to match 'lifetime' warranty. The 'lifetime' warranty is condition because it requires that you stay on a faithful auto ship of replacement filters and change those filters regularly for the warranty to be honored. This might seem disingenuous at first, but when you consider the alternative is to replace the system periodically, it makes sense and saves you money in the long-term. If you choose not to abide by the conditions of the warranty, it is reduced to a one year warranty and you should probably expect to replace the system every 3 years or so.
In our opinion, the HEPASilent 650 E provides the best all-around value among BlueAir systems. It covers 698 square feet and has an MSRP of 899.95. It costs $3831.51 to operate over ten years. But it only costs 55 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year based on cost estimates over 10 years. This is the best cost-benefit ratio of all BlueAir purifiers.
These systems have limited scope because they are made for the singular purpose of particle filtration. They are not the cheapest purifiers on the market in their class, although they do offer excellent value. Customers generally report satisfaction with these systems. As we recommend for all purifiers, choose them for what they are good at and do not try to make them do things they were not designed for. If you are looking for systems that remove odors and gas or even biological contamination, these systems do not have those capabilities. But these systems would be excellent options for people with asthma and allergies who are specifically looking for relief from particle pollution in the air.

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