Monday, April 23, 2012

Brookstone Pure Ion Pro Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Brookstone is that really cool gadgets store you find in malls across America. It is the one you walk into just because it's fun to tinker with their neat appliances. Brookstone Inc is actually a subsidiary of Osim International. Brookstone offers a number of air purifiers on their e-commerce website but they actually carry one model produced and distributed by them. It is also the model you can usually find in their retail outlets. It is called the Pure Ion Pro. It uses active processes like ozone and ionization to clean the air
This Pure Ion Pro model only covers 100 square feet and costs $1.89 per square foot of air cleaned per year. It has an MSRP of $299.99 and is expected to cost $1888.50 over 10 years of use. This aesthetic model, meaning that it looks pleasing to the eye will provide some reduction in air pollution where used. But in the broad spectrum of available market options, this air system is a higher priced, lower value unit. One significant concern is there is no information on how efficient the purifier actually is at particle reduction in the air. With no efficiency rating, it's difficult to compare to other market options.
The company only backs this air purifier with a one year warranty. It's likely to need replacement every 2-3 years. Unfortunately, certain segment of the air purification industry has figured out that they can build lower end air purifiers and market them in retail stores with success. I am not sure what the long-term logic is as customers generally become dissatisfied with the performance. However, in cases like Brookstone, there are also many satisfied customers. It would seem that these customers are satisfied with what this system offers them. It is also clear in many reviews, that they are also not aware of what other options there are on the market and how they could be better.
The Pure Ion Pro does what it does well. But there is no question from the numbers that it does not offer the best cost to value benefit in the market place. There are others that will offer the same or better in performance. The standard cost range for air purifiers that use active purification processes is usually below 25 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. In many cases, it's in the 8-15 cent range.
The Pure Ion Pro will provide some good cleaning value for a small room environment, but if you are serious about addressing a big air quality issue, I recommend researching your options before choosing an air purifier.

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