Sunday, May 13, 2012

Biker Jewelry - Beautiful Pieces of Art

Biker jewelry is also known as rock and roll jewelry, rocker jewelry or gothic jewelry. They can be identified easily by the masculine look and bold statement they make. The old days when a man could only look forward to wearing neckties and watches as their accessories are all gone. The present days has seen that jewelry worn by the bikers is becoming an important part of any man's wardrobe. And this kind of jewelry today has been transformed from the simple skull rings and classic wallet chains into beautiful, handcrafted, intricate pieces made from precious metals like sterling silver.
Bikers are people who spend a great part of their lives biking, mostly with a group. Their attire and jewelry attract everyone that they pass on the road. These individuals are considered cultural icons who love to live on their own time, ride free and flaunt their own biker style statement without any limits. If you wear biker jewelry, you are telling everyone that you love independence and freedom. The jewelry designs are characterized by boldness. The motifs and designs matter much, with the most common including skull, animal, cross, hearts, fleur de lis, and fire jewelry.
In the previous years, when bikers are put side by side each group, you cannot see any difference in their appearance. But today, with our changing times, you will realize that bikers are showing their individuality through the biker jewelry that they are wearing. It has become a part of their biking lives, enhancing the chic look that is already a mark of their character as bikers. The jewelry of bikers is normally worn with coarse leather jackets, high-heeled boots, bandana and sunglasses. The jewelry augments the dressing of bikers and jazz up their outlook. Bikers even go out of their way to match the model shapes, and designs of their jewelry with their bikes, putting efforts that make them feel they are suitably geared to fit their bikes.
The jewelry worn by bikers, for certain, does not belong to the faint hearted people. There are boots that secretly have boot bladders, hand gloves that turn into knuckle dusters, and wrist bands that serve as a wearer's shield. Customized jewelry for bikers can also be found on sale, and offered to certain group of bikers. This customized jewelry will make them easily identifiable as members of such group of bikers. There are also several types of jewelry that can match whatever the biker desires. They are available in an unthinkable collection of chains, trinkets, wrist bands, arm bands, earrings, belts, boot cutters and more in every shape, design and size.
Tokyo and Los Angeles are the popular cities for biker jewelry, the most famous around the world. The United States has a vast market for biker jewelry and other products. The US, Germany, UK, Japan and Taiwan are popular countries for this kind of jewelry. However, it will be more practical to buy biker jewelry online; you can find many websites selling these items, and good news is that you can compare prices and find the lowest offer in a very short time. Normally, prices are very affordable, but may differ according to the materials used, the country of manufacture, the weight, the kind of carvings, and delivery to country of recipient. You also have the ability to modify the jewelry to fulfill your desire.

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